Poker Travel Club

As a token of appreciation to our loyal poker fans who travel and play poker with us frequently, we have established the Poker Travel Loyalty Club.

For every hour spent playing poker in any of our events around the world, our players accumulate 5 Poker Travel Points (PTP).
These points can then be redeemed for any of the accessories shown below, according to their point value.
To find out how many points you have accumulated please email us at or call +44 20 32390905

For more information on what you can exchange your accumulated PT points for - please contact us on or +44 20 3695 7584.

  Colors: Black, White                                                                                    Colors: Black, White  

   Colors: Black                                                                                                                          Colors: Black, White
Colors: White, black                                                                                 Colors: White            

   Colors: Black, White                                                                                   Colors: White

   Available in: Varna, Bugras, Bansko                                                               

* Subject to stock availability

** Point accumulation begins 1/6/14