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General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions for serving customers of “Play Tours BG” Ltd., with trademark Poker Travel, through the website

By accepting these General Terms and Conditions users agree that they are aware of and agree with the definitions of the following terms:

1. Website - the Internet resource available through the domain, owned and managed by "Play Tours BG" LTD., UIC 203289754;

2. Tour Operator - a legal person, holding a license for Tour operator, who professionally provides travel services, subject to regular and / or promotional offers, published on the Website;

3. Travel agent - a person registered under the Law on Tourism, holding a license for tourist agency activity;

4. Travel agency activity - carrying out mediation in: sales of organized trips, aviation, water and bus transportation of passengers; reservations, visa, tourist guides and other tourist services and insurance related to tourist trips.

5. Tourist product - the combination of tourist services, offered and / or provided in one or several tourist sites;

6. Browser - a software application that is used for reproduction of documents by Hypermedia and Web navigation (website), display and interact with text, images, video, music, games and other information;

7. Client / User of the website or site is any person who manually via software, technical device or all together has written the email address into his browser or has reached the website redirected by another website, making any action in it (browse, sign up, bought a tourist service from the website and etc.).

8. Interface is a set of hardware, software and design tools needed by the user for information exchange and communication between different devices;

9. Hyperlink is a link labeled in a relevant website, which allows automatic forwarding to another Web page, information resource or object using standardized protocols;

10. The final sale price is the price declared for any proposed travel service / package, in Euros, including VAT, without explicitly described in the offer extra services that are not included in the price.

1. General provisions

1.1. "Play Tours BG" Ltd. (with trademark Poker Travel) is a Travel agent holding a license for travel agency activity No.PK-01-7535, which provides and supports tourism, information, communication systems for travel services on the web that contain offers, information and services connected with trips, vacations, hotel accommodation and other tourist services under the Law on Tourism.

1.2. These General Terms and Conditions govern the relationship and conditions for serving customers of "Play Tours BG" Ltd. "Play Tours BG" Ltd., publishes all of its and / or its partners’ tourist proposals on the domain address

2. Conditions for purchasing tourism services via

2.1. All offers - tourist proposals, individual hotel reservations, offered by "Play Tours BG" Ltd. (Poker Travel) are updated regularly on the website

2.2. The tourism and transport services offered by "Play Tours BG" Ltd. (Poker Travel) via the website are intermediary, on behalf of and on the expense of, and under a contract between "Play Tours BG" Ltd. and the respective Tour operator and / or airline, also called Service provider and / or hotelier, or passenger service provider. The realization of tourist and transportation services does not belong to the circle of services, directly provided by “Play Tours BG” Ltd. through Individual reservations for hotel accommodation are made by and on behalf of the hotel / commercial company of the hotel /, under a contract between "Play Tours BG" Ltd. and the respective hotel.

2.3. The contract for tourist services and provision of tourist voucher shall be concluded between the User / Buyer / and the service provider (for example, tour operator, hotel, etc.), through the Travel agent.

2.4. The User / Buyer / can buy the desired tourist service through the website

3. The procedure:

The orders in can be made after consideration of the desired tourist offer on the page The User / Buyer / activates the option to enter the desired offer (service) in his shopping cart, using the button "BOOK NOW". The addition of the desired offer (product / service) by the button "BOOK NOW" can be done only if the same offer is available / active and if the User / Buyer / has indicated the desired number of items / services.

Following the addition of a product / service using the button "BOOK NOW", the User / Buyer / should consistently enter the following information:

3.1. The User is offered to make a purchase without registration, as for the same the User has to enter a valid personal data, as follows: first name, last name, email address / e-mail / for contact and current telephone number.

3.2. To make a choice of payment system / method of payment of service purchased and to perform the transfer of the appropriate amount. Commissions and bank fees are paid extra by the User / Buyer at rates of the relevant correspondent of the transaction.

When completing this information, the User / Buyer / will be supported by provided written explanations of the chosen by him payment system and if necessary, may apply for assistance to site administrators that support the payment system.

3.3. The User / Buyer / has to inspect and accept the General terms and conditions of "Play Tours BG" Ltd., as an Intermediary / Travel Agent and conditions of the partner - the Tour operator, as well as conditions of the promotion - the proposed by the supplier tourist offer.

3.4. After entering all the information required, the User / Buyer / has introduced his order for processing and after payment of selected services he shall receive at his designated email address / registration account / an e-mail confirmation for the selected service and payment, together with a full description of the product / service, as published on the website The received by the User / Buyer / confirmation e-mail is not representing a tourist voucher under the Law of Tourism.

 3.5. The Travel agent is obliged to conclude a contract or contracts for organized trip and / or individual bookings, which shall be concluded on behalf of the respective Tour operator with each User.

3.6. The Travel agent shall provide each User / Buyer / with the original, issued by the relevant Tour operator, travel voucher and / or plane ticket, invoice, insurance, reservation made and / or other document, concerning the service paid by the User / Buyer /.

3.7 The Travel agent - "Play Tours BG" Ltd. remains in any case only an intermediary and assumes no tour operator function.

3.8 "Play Tours BG" Ltd. has the right, on behalf of or assigned by the Tour operator or service provider, to receive payment of the purchased by the User / Buyer / service.

By these General Terms and Conditions the User / Buyer / is considered to be informed and agrees to pay, using the chosen by him means of payment and intermediary to carry out the monetary transaction, the purchased travel service to the Travel agent - "Play Tours BG" Ltd.

3.9. The Travel agent - "Play Tours BG" Ltd. governs its relationship with Tour Operators and / or partners through individual contracts.

4. Passport, visa, currency and health requirements

4.1. Recommendations given on passport, visa, currency and health requirements related to any travel are not binding.

The User / Buyer / must make sure their passport is valid at least six months prior to the date of their trip. Every traveller should make sure they bring their passport (or other legal travel document).

The User / Buyer / should further ensure in appropriate way in what extend they are related to him and what shall be undertaken in relation to his nationality and relevant visa and passport regime of the country to visit.

The User may receive such information on these and similar questions in the competent embassies and consulates. With regard to the recommendations of "Play Tours BG" Ltd., the same shall be based on available information and data from the relevant Tour Operator, respectively official institutions.

They, in turn, may at any time to modify the relevant provisions, of which "Play Tours BG" Ltd. is not liable for the correctness, completeness or timeliness of such information.

4.2. Upon refusal of border authorities to allow entry of tourists with already available reservations by the respective Tour operator on the territory of the relevant country, the Tour operator and Travel agent are not responsible and liable for return of the money paid for the travel service.

5. Limitation of Liability

5.1. Regarding the data on travels and individual services, "Play Tours BG" Ltd. through is based on the information, supplied by the relevant Tour operators and / or service providers.

The same applies to other information contained on the website page provided by third parties. "Play Tours BG" Ltd. assumes no responsibility for the availability of a travel offer or individual service at the time of making the reservation.

5.2. The services offered are provided by service providers of their responsibility. Therefore "Play Tours BG" Ltd. is not responsible for carrying out the agreed trip or individual service. Responsibility for these remains solely on the Tour operator, respectively on the Service provider.

5.3. Clients / third parties that already bought any travel service from the Travel agent may transfer their rights and obligations under this contract to a third party, who meets all the requirements for the trip implementation before the conclusion of the Contract for tourist service and issuing a tourist voucher to a client / third party. In case the contract for tourists service and the tourist voucher issued are personal, the rights can be transferred to a third party only with the consent of the Tour operator, as the latter forms duly documents to a third party receiver.

5.4. The relevant Tour operator can regulate the minimum / maximum number of participants for the trip, which is according to the specific conditions of each offer. The conditions for minimum / maximum number shall be provided to the Travel agent, as the latter shall published them on the website, as after exhausting the limit the offer becomes inactive on the website

5.5. Claims in connection with the contract shall be made in writing and will be accepted until seven days after completion of the travel. The claim is valid only if it is accompanied by written documents, drawn up and signed by the Tourist, Tour operator, Hotel and / or the relevant service provider, subject to the following conditions:

5.5.1. All complaints of tourists must be submitted in writing to the hotel management during the period of stay of tourists in the hotel, all complaints must be addressed and resolved by the hotel management or the respective Tour operator or his representative. The Hotel and Tour operator may choose not to deal with complaints that are not submitted in writing to the site at the hotel and which were first raised after the stay of tourists.

5.5.2. According to these General Terms and Conditions, the Travel agent shall not be liable to clients for any filed complaints. In the event of a filed complaint, the same shall immediately send the complaint in the first business day, electronically or by a courier, to the respective Tour operator / service provider and tell the client that from now on he should correspond with the Tour operator / service provider in that connection. The Travel agent has the right to require regularly by the Tour operator information on the complaint lodged.

5.5.4. If the client wishes to make a complaint to the Travel agent, he shall submit and sign a declaration, describing in detail his complaint. The declaration shall be immediately sent by the Travel agent to the respective Tour operator / service provider.

6. Guarantees and commitments by the Client / User

6.1. By performing the entire procedure under the third item of these General terms and conditions, the User / Buyer / declares his explicit consent to any use of the website, on his behalf and at his expense.

6.2. If the tourist package was purchased by minors, underage or legally incapacitated persons of the household or family of the User / Buyer / that should be in care by the User / Buyer / - guardian, custodian, parent, the same shall be responsible for any use of the website.

6.3. The purchase cannot be performed if the User / Buyer / provided false or incomplete personal data. The User / Buyer / explicitly agrees and states that the opportunities to purchase on the website can be used only for legitimate reservations or purchases of the User / Buyer / or a third party, on whose behalf the User / Buyer / may take legal actions. 

6.4. In violation of these conditions by the User / Buyer / the same assumes full responsibility before "Play Tours BG" Ltd. and to the respective Tour operators and Service providers for any damages or losses incurred as a result of his actions or actions of his minors, underage or legally incapacitated persons in care.

7. Change of reservation and cancellation

You can inform at any time of the changes made in conditions or cancellation in your travel plan through the Tour operator or Travel agent / Service provider, as well as in paragraphs 7 and 8 of these General Terms and Conditions.

7.1. In case of change or cancellation of the proposed by "Play Tours BG" Ltd. through the website tourist services, the User / Buyer / shall immediately address his Travel agent.

Rebooking or cancellations are subject to the general conditions and rates of the relevant Tour operators, respectively Service providers. "Play Tours BG" Ltd. may not modify or replace their General terms and conditions and tariffs, and in this sense all our responsibility is excluded.

7.2. In the absence of a minimum number of users, if specified such in the relevant offer, the User / Buyer / shall receive a proposal for another trip at the same price within seven days prior to departure. If the User / Buyer / did not accept the offer, he can withdraw from the contract without penalty or compensation, as the Tour operator via Travel agent reimburse the amounts paid under the contract within 7 days. The Tour operator has the right to cancel the trip entirely with the same period of notification, recovering the full amount to the User / Buyer / via the Tour operator without penalties and / or benefits.

7.3. In case of refusing accommodation by the respective hotel during organized trips, the User / Buyer / shall receive a proposal for alternative accommodation in another hotel or the amount paid shall be refunded with no deductions, without that part of them for expenses incurred in payment insurance, penalties for returned tickets and more.

8. Penalties and financial liability of the parties

8.1. Where the liability of contractors of the respective Tour operator for damages caused by the failure of services is restricted by international treaties, ratified, promulgated and entered into force for the Republic of Bulgaria, the responsibility of the Tour operator is within these limits.

8.2. The Tour operator is not liable to the User in case of cancellation, delay or changes to the terms and conditions of the trip that do not dependent on the Tour operator.

8.3. The deadline by which the User / Buyer / can withdraw from the contract / cancellation / - the User / Buyer / is entitled to withdraw from the contract / cancellation / in writing without penalty by giving a written notice on the withdrawing to the Travel agent / Tour operator up to seven days from the date of signing the contract, but not later than 30 days prior to departure.

8.4. Upon withdrawal of the User / Buyer / from the trip for reasons not related to the failure of duties of the Travel agent / the relevant Tour operator, the User / Buyer / due to the Tour operator penalties in the amount of:

a) 50% of the total cost of the trip if the cancellation is made after the period under item 8.3.;

b) 100% of the total cost of the trip if the cancellation is made 14 or less days prior to departure or failure to appear for departure.

8.5. Upon cancelation of a trip, paid by the Consumer / Buyer / amounts for insurance, airline tickets, fines for returned tickets and others are not subject to refund.

8.6. Upon cancellation of the trip due to illness or other personal reasons related to User / Buyer / he loses amounts paid to the Tour operator in accordance with the terms of cancellation and within the agreed amounts, respectively he owes payment of these amounts if they were not paid;

8.7. Upon refusal of border authorities to allow entry or exit of the User / Buyer / from or within the country, the respective Tour operator is not responsible and does not owe a refund paid for the tourist trip.

8.8. The User / Buyer /, with the consent of the relevant Tour operator, may transfer rights and obligations under this contract to a third party, meeting all the requirements for the trip, after informing in advance the Tour operator within a period not later than 14 days before the departure date.

Changes in the name of travelers and dates of travel shall be made only at extra cost to the regular price.

The User / Buyer / transferring his rights and obligations and the person to whom the trip is transferred are jointly and severally liable to the Tour operator to pay the total price of the contract and the costs associated with the transfer.

8.9. The Tour operator reserves the right to change the passenger service provider with another passenger service provider for reasons that make impossible or impractical the specified in the contract passenger service provider to meet its obligations, notifying the User / Buyer / on that before the departure date.

8.10. The Tour operator reserves the right to change the departure time in case of changing the passenger service provider or in the occurrence of other objective reasons requiring this, promptly notifying the User / Buyer / for that.  

8.11. The Tour operator has the right to cancel the trip before its commencement due to circumstances constituting force majeure. In this case the Tour operator shall reimburse the amount paid by the User / Buyer / in full without that part of them for expenses incurred in payment of insurance, penalties for returned tickets and more.

9. Applicable law

9.1. Any dispute concerning the operation of these General Terms and Conditions for use of the website or the General Terms and Conditions of contracts for tourist services or in connection with them, or their violation, including disputes and disagreements concerning its validity, interpretation, termination, performance or nonperformance of obligations of the parties under the mediation contracts in signing a contract for tourist service, shall be settled by the parties amicably. If they failed to agree, the dispute will be referred to the relevant competent court in the town of Sofia under the Civil Procedure Code.

9.2. A decision by a competent court or amendment in the legislation, which makes any provision of these General Terms and Conditions for using the website invalid, void or unenforceable, will apply only to this condition and will not make any other provision invalid, void or unenforceable and all other terms will remain in full force and effect as they are not significantly affected by the amendment.

9.3. For all outstanding issues shall apply the provisions of Bulgarian civil law.

9.4. By booking a vacation through the User / Buyer / declares that he is familiar with the General Terms and Conditions of "Play Tours BG" Ltd. and accepts them unconditionally and undertakes to respect them. The use of the internet portal constitutes your acceptance of all terms, conditions and guidelines.

"Play Tours BG" Ltd. reserves all rights to update or alter the present General Terms & Conditions at any time, and it is the client’s responsibility to be familiar with them.


10. Standard Events Related Terms & Conditions

  • In every Poker Travel event the poker room offers a rake-back bonus to customers who will play Texas Hold'em poker on cash tables for the specified number of hours during the vacation period (usually between 12-16 hours total play). This refund is given in the form of cash rake-back bonus and is used to cover the hotel costs of Poker Travel guests (for two players sharing one room). We note here that:   
  • This refund is given from the poker room and by its decision alone.
  • In order to track Poker Travel customers playing time they are requested to wear a Poker Travel bracelet. Players who refuse to wear this bracelet will not be eligible for the refund.
  • Poker Travel may also offer its guests other benefits, such as: excursions, complimentary beverages and meals, transportation etc. These benefits are always mentioned on the 'event page'. These extra benefits are subject to a minimal number of participants in the event.
  • Customers who join Poker Travel excursions do so at their own responsibility. Poker Travel is not responsible for any claims or injuries which may occur.
  • Guests who wish to register to events for our 'Premium' or 'Surfing' packages may do so, by completing a reservation and paying the respective package price, however, registration for each event ends two days prior to the start of the event. Guests who register after the two day period shall not be able to receive reimbursment for their cash game hours.
  • Guests who wish to register to events for our 'Hit & Run' package may do so at no cost, however, registration for each event ends two days prior to the start of the event. Guests who register after the two day period shall not be able to receive reimbursment for their cash game hours.


11. Special Events Related Terms & Conditions

The Big Game Tour (TBGT) is a special VIP event for Poker Player from Europe, which will be held frequently, hosted by different poker rooms and will take place during a standard Poker Travel cash game festival.
The Big Game Tour duration is 5 days (4 nights).
Players who register and qualify according to the present Terms & Conditions, will be eligible to receive the following benefits:

  • Reimbursement of flight costs
  • Reimbursement of hotel costs for a Single room accommodation
  • Dinner at the casino
  • Complimentary soft/hot and alcoholic drinks at the casino
  • Complimentary Transports & Excursions

In order to qualify for the reimbursement of flight costs, hotel costs and the other benefits mentioned above, the Players must play in high stakes games (€5-€10 games and up) for a total of 30 cash game hours.
Every hour played on a €10-€20 game and up shall be calculated as 1.5 hours (90 minutes) of a €5-€10 game.
The maximum flight cost reimbursement amount is €300 (three hundred euros)
The maximum hotel cost reimbursement amount is €300 (three hundred euros)

Players have two options to qualify for The Big Game Tour reimbursement:

11.1. Book the special Big Game Tour package, accumulate the required hours and receive the reimbursement.

11.2. Participate in the cash game festival event by booking one of the standard Poker Travel packages (Premium, Surfing or Hit & Run), accumulate the required hours in the Big Game Tour and receive cash reimbursement for the flight + hotel. The second option requires players to provide the flight & hotel receipts.

Players must start The Big Game Tour cash games every day at 18:00 (an earlier hour can be scheduled upon request), there will be a scheduled dinner break.

  • Players must play a minimum of 4 hours every day of the 5 day event
  • Players who join a TBGT table must play for a minimum of three (3) hours, before cashing out. If the player is cashing out less than what he/she bought in, he/she may cash out before the three hours of play.
  • Players must accept and follow the instructions of TBGT floor manager regarding game seats, game rules and other game related issues, which the floor manager will require in order to maintain professional & fair play.
  • The counting of the cash game hours, as well as the provision of VIP benefits as Food & Drinks in the casino are only done while the player wears the Poker Travel VIP bracelet. Players who refuse to wear this bracelet will not be eligible for the refund.
  • Minimum buy-in is 100 x Big Blinds value to all TBGT games and so is every rebuy. (Example: 100 x €10 = €1000, every rebuy = €1000)
  • Mississippi straddle is allowed.
  • Minimum number of 5 players are required to open a table, maximum number of 8 players per table are allowed. Different number of players per table may be allowed at the decision of the Casino floor manager.
  • If there are no “The Big Game Tour” tables open during the designated TBGT cash game hours, (at 18:00 or the scheduled earlier starting hour), the players must inform the TBGT floor manager of their intention to play TBGT cash games, and play the highest Poker Travel table opened, in order to accumulate the required TBGT cash game hours.
  • All players must sign and agree to all Terms & Conditions before they join.
  • ​If a player did not manage to accumulate the required TBGT cash game hours for the TBGT bonus, but has 16 or more hours accumulated, he/she shall be entitled to a fixed Poker Travel bonus of €150.
  • Players cannot collect both Poker Travel standard cash games bonus and TBGT cash game bonus. In the event a player has accumulated the cash game hours both for Poker Travel standard cash games bonus and TBGT cash game bonus, he/she shall be entitled to receive the higher value bonus.
  • Failing to accumulate the required minimum cash game hours, or failing to comply with any other of the terms & conditions listed here will result in losing the right of the player to receive the TBGT cash game bonus or the fixed Poker Travel bonus of €150.
  • Local players are not eligible to qualify for the TBGT cash game bonus or the fixed Poker Travel bonus of €150, however they are welcome to participate in the event.
  • ​Additional benefits, such as: excursions, transportation etc. are always mentioned on the 'event page'. These extra benefits are subject to a minimal number of participants in the event.
  • Customers who join Poker Travel excursions do so at their own responsibility. Poker Travel is not responsible for any claims or injuries which may occur.


The latest General Terms & Conditions can always be found on the Poker Travel website and will supersede any previous versions.
You are accordingly advised and hereby agree to consult and abide by the most recent version of these General Terms & Conditions each time you view and use the Poker Travel Website. Do not use the Poker Travel Website if you do not agree to all of the above terms and conditions. 

By registering or booking a poker vacation through Poker Travel, the guest asserts his/her approval to the above General Terms & Conditions.

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