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Bratislava 17-21 JUL 2019

  • Four nights at five star level hotel
  • Complimentary excursion
  • Breakfast included

16 poker cash game hours needed to qualify

Guest price
Player price*

*Player price is subjected to playing cash game poker according to poker room terms - for more details on player price click here click here click here click here

Poker Travel Event Coordinator

Attending the event

Name: Savina
Phone: +359892336423 ( during events only )
Date: 17/07/19-21/07/19


Come to Bratislava with Poker Travel and spend your vacation at one of the most mesmerizing destinations of Europe.
Located on the banks of the magnificent Danube river, Bratislava has always been a flourishing and prosperous town, from ancient times until now.
As a beholder of rich history and culture, collected throughout the centuries, the capital of Slovakia is no doubt a must-see destination.
Except the beautiful and impressive architecture and history, Bratislava has to offer vibrant night life and modern venues.
So why don’t you combine your vacation with your poker passion and stay at a luxurious hotel and get your accommodation covered?
Spend one high class weekend with us and play poker, perfect your skills and meet people who share your interests.


Prices shown are per person and for the duration of the event.

Primary hotel

Hotel image Stars


In the beautiful city of Bratislava the distant past and modern era blend perfectly. The tastefully restored Radisson Blu Carlton hotel offers the perfect combination of old and new, with convenient location in Hviezdoslav Square. 
Thanks to that the hotels guests can easily get themselves around to the most fascinating attractions that Bratislava has to offer. 
The five star level Radisson Blu Carlton hotel offers the convenience of on-site dining with Savoy restaurant and the Mirror bar. 

Single Room
Guest Price €380
Player Price €230
Double room (one bed)
Guest Price €190
Player Price €40
Double room (two beds)
Guest Price €190
Player Price €40

Poker Room

The hosting poker rooms is Olympic Casino Bratislava.
The casino is open 24 hours a day.

Available games:
∙ €1-€2 No limit Hold’em with €100 minimum buy-in*
∙ €2-€5 No limit Hold’em with €200 minimum buy-in

Bigger games and Omaha are available on a request basis.
Rake is 5% with €20 cap.

* €1-€2 NLH players will be entitled to receive 50% of the package cash back bonus for completing between 16-31 hours of cash game and 100% cash back bonus for completing 32 hours and more. 
** The poker room will be open at 17:00 
***The table allocation for each blinds is subjected to poker room decision only.

Location Tips & Trips

Poker Travel guests can enjoy a must-visit panoramic excursion in Bratislava which we organized especially for you and also an optional special trip to the Parndorf outlet shopping center in Vienna.








  • Bratislava old town is a sight to remember. A walk through the streets and inhaling from the atmosphere created by the old style buildings is something for sure worth your time.
  • Slavin which is also known as the most beautiful spot in Bratislava. It is located on top of a hill from where you can admire a wonderful view of the whole city.
  • The Devin castle which is located a few kilometers outside Bratislava is also a must go-to destination. 


When in Bratislava you should definitely try the beer! If looking for excellent cuisine and great beer check out Bratislavsky Mestiansky Pivovar.
A place with exquisite service and good European food is the Messina restaurant in Bratislava.
Cozy and delicious place is Prasna Basta restaurant which is in the top 10 list of best restaurants in Bratislava.



If you’re looking for a place which brings the party mood and is great to just chill out and dance a little Nu Spirit Club is the place for you.
If and underground club and good beer is what you’re looking for, you should definitely check out Fuga!
The bar with the biggest variety of cocktails in Bratislava is Cocoloco. It will amaze you with great staff and awesome atmosphere.


Poker Events

Poker Travel multi participant events schedule




  • Four nights at five star hotel
  • Two complimentary excursions
  • Complimentary drinks for players
Guest price
Player Price*
Stars Special event Tournament



Kiev 18-28 OCT

  • Luxurious hotel
  • Free accommodation for players
Guest price
Player Price*
Stars Special event Tournament Sold Out



TABA 24-27 OCT

  • Three nights at a luxurious hotel
  • Complimentary hot & soft drinks at the casino
  • Breakfast included
Guest price
Player Price*




  • Three night at 5 star hotel
  • Breakfast included
  • Complimentary excursions
Guest price
Player Price*